Aurore Voilqué


“I was born in February 1978 in Schiltigheim in Alsace. It was at the age of 3 that my mother put a violin in my hands. I did not realize the difficulty of the beginnings to learn this instrument! I learned with the Japanese method Suzuki which teaches first the use of his ear before reading.

At the age of 7 I followed my parents abroad, in Cameroon, where I was able to be part of the international symphony orchestra, in Niger then in Morocco. Every summer I did intensive courses of classical music or 8 hours a day we played, either quartets or symphonies ... It was very rewarding to share this with young people of my age.

Then, one day, Mrs. Annick Chartreux challenged me on Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli. I was 17 years old. She advised me to do the internship of jazz children in Barcelona. And there it was - a click. I loved jazz, I loved to improvise. A kind of structured freedom that goes pretty well with my character. I made contact with Pierre Blanchard who put me on the road with some lessons at his home and very quickly, not being a fan of the academy and even if I had a very limited vocabulary, I was going to make jam sessions. What a pleasure to go out every night to listen to concerts and to play with those who had given me so much pleasure at the end ... That's how I like to learn, in the field…” more