Angelo Debarre


“Angelo Debarre started playing guitar at the age of eight. In the manouche (gypsy) community, traditions are shared orally at family parties and gatherings, where music always occupies a prominent place. Angelo recently confirmed this to Michel Bedin of Jazz Hot magazine: ‘In any gathering of three to four hundred caravans there is no shortage of music.’ The gypsy jazz musical tradition launched by Django Reinhardt is the heart of this culture and Angelo Debarre quickly became one of its jazz masters. He founded his first group The Angelo Debarre Quintet in 1984, and the following year, he began touring the world with gypsy musicians. This is music that he knows inside and out, and at concerts and festivals his enthusiasm and passion prove it. For Debarre, Django Reinhardt”s music never loses the dynamism and richness of the past: it is everlasting, a living music…” more