The Gismo Graf Trio


“Gismo Graf, the shooting star of gypsy swing, has by now taken his place among the world's leading guitarists. Urged by an unceasing drive to perfection and continually developing new ideas Gismo proudly presents this year's new album Modus Vivendi.

Those who followed the steep rise of the 25-year old Stuttgarter might have guessed that this oeuvre is not just another assortment of breakneck variations of Django Reinhardt's music. Gismo succeeds to prove with his latest album that gypsy jazz is much more than just a marginal phenomenon of the jazz scene. Gismo as a young and charismatic interpreter connects gypsy jazz with pop, bossa nova, swing and his own expressive compositions.

Not only through Gismo's albums but even more through his highly celebrated concerts and his appearance at many festivals throughout Europe one realizes the full extent of those three musicians' professionalism and virtuosity…” more

Gismo Graf guitar | Joschi Graf guitar | Cheyenne Graf vocals